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There is this thing about reading that is unique and personal to each. It awakens feelings and thoughts that one could not have conjured while sitting idly. Although that is too much of an overstatement to be true. But whenever I share my reads on a public platform like Goodreads or Instagram where book stories are put under the hashtag of bookstagram, I feel the result is pretty much the same as sharing them with someone in person. There are so many amazing people who are bold, uninhibited and clear while speaking their mind, especially on the internet. Some of them have become such good friends of mine even though we haven't met or have no possibility of meeting in the near future. I am sounding more like the pessimist but it is true, sadly. 

One can't live on books and thus is effectively proved in a book I read two days ago. It's called, The House of Paper written by Carlos Dominguez. It came as a very timely shocker and a reminder to me since I was drifting in a dangerous territory of book lust, one where I was spending all my money on books each time I visited a certain area of the city. It was driving me a little crazy too after realizing the insane way I was spending money. Not that it's not a good thing but one has to be realistic as well. Last night, a friend shared a lovely rendition of "All my favourite things" from The Sound Of Music. I hadn't realised the extreme need I was in of listening to this song at the midnight hour. Absolutely delighted with the lyrics, with Julie Andrews, of course! Sometimes, culture is about transcending differences and enjoying them. I was so inspired by the verses that I created my own and promptly sent them to my friend. Such a joy to reflect upon our feelings and introspect on things that give us joy, make us truly thankful for having this life and being present in the moment. Life is all about these little moments. 

Are we living in the most opportunist times? A good thing that came out of today was that I spoke my mind, albeit of course, with a hesitant approach but it turned out well. People appreciate it when we communicate clearly with them. Too often, I stifle and suppress my angst or disagreements but it's really fine to be vocal. We mustn't let our thinking horses too loose, for they create nothing but havoc. But let's not drown our thoughts too. S P E A K. For that is the only tool we could truly say still belongs to us and is unique in its respect of giving us the power to express what our minds, pens, tongues conceal. In the middle of writing here, I wrote to another fellow blogger on an old post of hers. It is so important to let our thoughts be heard and expressed. Each time we raise our voices for things that don't make sense in this garbled world, we are taking a step towards creating a dialogue of understanding. Here's to our empowered selves and the courage to take a stand when we see wrong!


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