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Hip Hop Shakespeare!

This following narrative is from my appearance at the TATA Literature Live fest 2012, on Nov 1st at NCPA. I attended this amazing musical experiment called the Hip Hop Shakespeare performed by The HIP HOP SHAKESPEARE COMPANY-  THSC! What a beautiful night! I always had an interest in Shakespeare's works, and THSC revived it! Of all the performances i remember, the following stand out:

1. The Othello Prologue by Lori.
WOW! Her narration stings your heart, and her focus and stress on syllables made me appreciate the combination of words and music, all over again. Here's a link for one of her studio sessions for the same. You can't miss it.

2. Romeo by Angelina Roz.
She lights up and literally takes the stage by fire. Her voice is so warm, and strong at the same time, it gave such joy to me. Her 'Romeo! O Romeo! Where art thou Romeo?' is still lingering with me! Very few artists have the power to do that. Here's a link for the studio sessions of the same.

And, th…