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A month of Weddings!

Finally, May is coming to an end. And, I mean this is in a nice way.
This year has been so hectic in terms of celebrations- who would believe that family get-togethers', engagements, and weddings could also stress out people! They can be a little too much at times.

2014 started on a very happy note. My grandma's 70th birthday celebration which saw all my aunts/uncles unite together from all over the world, so many cousins met each other after a long time and yes, the excitement had all the younger kids jumping with joy! It didn't matter if one of them had his board exams or the others who are so busy with their careers, took a weekend off to be with everyone.
Then came the two engagements- just 3 weeks later!

And two months later were these grand weddings. Aah! What fun! It was emotional seeing a younger cousin getting married- it created a vacuum and me who never cries at weddings couldn't stop my tears while she left to be with her in-laws.
The other was our eldest …