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Remembering the Iron Lady!

31st October, 1984.

Indira Gandhi- Prime Minister of India assassinated.

31st October, 2014- 30 years since her death.

I was born in 1988. So, I have always heard about our First Woman Prime Minister with awe and pride. During my school Girls Guide camp, I spoke about Mrs. Indira Gandhi as my inspiration and she is till today. The new BJP led govt. celebrated Sardar Patel's birthday with a Unity Run but failed to pay homage to one of the strongest and most influential Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Not a single person from the NDA govt. visited Shakti Sthal to pay respects to the late PM. If twitter is now going to be an official medium used by the current PM to voice his thoughts, and also paying tributes then lets rest the case of official protocols altogether.

Its sad to see that former Prime Ministers will be insulted and ignored just because their ideology is/was different than those in power. I wish the young generation looks at things rationally and not merely …

Disappointments and New Ventures

So, I did not make it to a very prestigious Entrance Exam conducted throughout the nation. And, I am disappointed. Although, I was quite calm when the results came out, now after a day or two of pondering excessively on the failure, my misery has finally got a better hold of me. Because, I was studying for over a year for this exam, and had quit my job I feel really low right now. I have gained such immense knowledge in this last year, yet I've lost a lot of hands on experience from my job.

I, now have decided to apply for a PG Diploma in Urban Planning and Development via a distance learning programme, so it means, I will continue studying for my exam till next year and also, get a degree. Perhaps, I could also work part-time somewhere. Because Architecture is such a hectic and stressed vocation, I need to include academics, a job and the exam prep in a balanced way, so as not to ruin everything.
I am being positive about this new venture, and I know I can do these three things …