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Shilpasagar Revival 2011

Aah Shilpasagar! When we(read: my seniors, some juniors and majorly my classmates and me) first worked on the special issue for the 75th year of its launch it gave us something which is invaluable and so precious our memories are intertwined with it! Yesterday, on Dec 16th, 2011 Shilpasagar was relaunched by our juniors and what a proud moment it is for us! The editor of the 75th year special issue, my friend and fellow classmate Pooja described that she had grandmotherly sentiments for the current issue! I wouldn't say grandmotherly but definitely motherly instincts for me when I saw a video of the launch. I wish I knew of the launch. How much I miss not being there!
I am so getting a copy on monday for myself! I can't wait for all the nostalgia to again seep through my mind and heart. Oh Sir JJ! Love and beauty in all forms! Give me that part of my life, let me relive those memories again. Once a JJ'ite, always a JJ'ite... not everyone in frames, still a part of it! M…

.........another wasted year

Okay, this year has been a bad one for me too. I say 'me too' coz someone else had it too and she wrote about it. Here's what she said:

So, i say bad- terrible- in fact, because ever since leaving my academic life, studies, college nothing good has happened. I feel like i would have to sell my soul to make things work out. Because all the good spirit, the triumph through troubles isn't working for/with me! I am increasingly losing out on my confidence, my best traits, seeing myself in extreme negative light, always being fear-stricken, being someone that i am not. I am weak now, in spirits, totally shattered with things happening around. All of them bad, nothing worthwhile, achievements- zero. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to even meet people, my own friends too. Like they keep on doing something in their lives and I am here- doing nothing. Do I even have it in me to make big? Forget…

My inspiration: Dr. Ida Scudder

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." — Mark Twain
Have I ever mentioned Dr. Ida Scudder? She was the daughter of a missionary who became a doctor and worked in Vellore, Tamil Nadu all her life. She dedicated herself to the people of India. This book that I had been reading was first published in 1984. I first read it in 2004. What a long time! I would be lying or not be true to myself if I say I did not cry my heart out while reading it. Do you imagine a young American woman settling in India in 1900 and giving not just medical treatment but hope to the people of Vellore? She continued working till 1960. 60 long years.... She founded the Vellore Medical College and Hospital through endless struggle and she also encouraged and educated young Indian women to study medicine and become doctors, nurses. How inspiring! When I look around the dearth of goodness today, I wonder how and why would anyone so …

Funniest movie architecture quotes i've ever read!

Read them here:

This reminds me that I am increasingly reading stuff on the internet that puts architecture in a negative light! I love to laugh a lot, but this does not mean you keep on writing/reading/ publishing negative aspects about any art or profession! What happens is gradually one gets a whiff of everything grey and black and be disappointed, hold grudges or in a greater number be just disassociated with the art that they so loved and cared about!

I am still in love with architecture and everything that comes with it! Although, I reply to all those 'Why not to be an architect' messages from my Final year Thesis-ridden juniors and generally reminiscence on how We (Read: I) struggled a lot too during those Five long years.... every time someone asks me how did you study for five years or express amusement on five years of school and graduation, I so lovingly remember all the beautiful as well as ha…


In the end, we all become stories.
-Margaret Atwood.

Every one of us, infamous, famous or ordinary, live on the tales told about us. My children didn't know their great grandmother, but she is alive to them because of the memories I share with them. Whatever we might accomplish in our lives eventually decays and the only way we live on is through stories.

Read this on and its so true, isn't it? I always have these moments of reclusiveness about if the future generation let alone my own friends or family will remember me once I am old or gone? Afterall, you get inscribed in history but for me as being that someone- how important would it be?
Anyway, this site is pretty interesting and I am already loving my stay on it. Always dreamt of finding book lovers as obsessed as myself and share literary anecdotes, book lists and stories, poems and my readings! Glad that I would meet them here!

A happy sunday reading to everyone~

Hope and Despair

It’s not that we have to quit
this life one day, but it’s how
many things we have to quit
all at once: music, laughter,
the physics of falling leaves,
automobiles, holding hands,
the scent of rain, the concept
of subway trains... if only one
could leave this life slowly!!

This is written by Roman Payne in Hope and Despair. And I am very intrigued by the subtle philosophy that lies in his words. His book Rooftop Soliloquy is interesting! Though I've not read it yet, I got to read excerpts from the book on his website. Sure looks like a dreamy setting. Since its Paris and Architecture and the cover looks great as well.

Ever so fluctuating moods!

I am sitting in the office, working and though it is wrong to blog while I am supposed to work, I can't help but think of all those lazy weekend memories! The atmosphere is too cold- sending my nerves in a frenzy, freezing my brain, making me sneeze every other minute and making me long for the hot soups and warm socks and the comforts of a cuddly blanket!

Here's something I read this morning- A delicious berry pie!

The pictures are so inviting with the blue-purple filling looking absolutely appetizing. Yum.
I intend to go home and rightaway start baking (or keep it for a sunday breakfast morning).

There is also a very beautiful movie (YES! movie) on delicious, colourful pies titled Waitress. It stars the very beautiful Kerry Russell. My love for pies actually originated after watching the movie. Of course, ther…

Proud of you Sneha!

Today's blog is about my friend Sneha! Im very proud of her! She works at Intel and just purchased a brand NEW CAR with her hard earned dollars! This is the proudest moment for all of us who know Sneha! Here is a picture of this pretty lass with her equally pretty ride!

Cheers for Sneha! May all your dreams come true and you get the best of everything and anything you desire of and aspire for! :)

A Blog Book List

Designers and Books are on Twitter. They publish books that inspire World's Esteemed Designers. So, I found them quite accidently while I was tweeting. There is a very interesting Blog published by Barry Bergdoll. Its his list on Architectural History books- Books every Architect should read.
And, his essay preceding the list is also quite mesmerising and honest in its opinion. Its a candid little memoir of his fraternity with books. Delightful indeed.

Here is the link:

How I wish Books were as easily accessible to one as air is!

(Just saw Bergdoll's Bio. He's the chief curator at MoMa. His bibliography is impressive too. His list is a definite read.)

Happy Reading!

In search of Kitab(khana?)

For days and weeks I have been trying to locate this place! But, Alas! Going by the praises heaped, I am looking forward to explore this bookstore (shall I call it one?) considering it has Coffee and eatables to hold people's attention while browsing books. How Silly! Then it becomes not a bookstore but a hangout place which I rather would not want it to be! I have always imagined bookstores to be sacred places where one is lost in the wonderful world of books and where no distractions dare disturb anyone.
There are quite a few places such as these! There is a wonderful book house called The People's Book House at Fort. Its located in an alley behind American Dryfruits in Meher House bldg. Its a cozy little place all cramped with books. When you first enter that will be your reaction seeing books all around you. Its a perfect getaway from the outside world. They offer discounts as well which is ideal for me! You'll find every genre from classics to history…

For Friends....

I am missing all my friends and when usually somebody around me keeps on rambling about how they miss college and lecture bunks, movies, 12 am birthday parties, proxies and so on, I cannot seem to remember doing all of this! I simply cant! But, today is different! I got hold of a few home burned CD's while rummaging through the drawers and out of curiosity (after I glanced over the titles) I switched on the computer and put the first CD ever after so many years! Because of external hard drives, I realized I haven't used CD's in years! This one is dated Feb 2007, which means my second year of college. It has four folders titled Bollywood Day, Corporate Day, Traditional Day and Pri's (my BEST friend) B'day! I was trying to recollect as to when did I ever click pictures of these occasions when I remembered these are clicked by my friends and I have them as a backup! I am so happy I saw these otherwise I would never have realized I miss my time in college as well. YES…

Down memory lane with music

Ruk Ruk Ricky Ricky rukta ja, tu baat jahaan ki sunta ja....... 
I heard this song after all these years, and those beautiful memories of my mother playing a cassette titled 'Love Notes' by Lata came to me! I wonder how as a child I would listen to all these songs and feel them too. Other songs from the cassette included, Agar tum na hote, Mujhe aisa mila moti, Din pyar ke aayenge sajaniya, Zameen Aasmaan nahi milte. These songs are hardly ever heard on radio or TV anymore. But, they are evergreen with their music and lyrics. After watching Zindagi na milegi dobara recently, where there's a mention of Doordarshan and the simplicity of the 90's a thought crossed my mind. How we miss old days, old times and the simple life where everything was valued. When we shared clothes, toys, chocolates (which were few even then), crayons with our siblings and cousins! Meeting cousins twice a year and laughing like we never had, running up the terrace and throughout the colony, play…