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Ammi: Letter to a Democratic Mother by Saeed Akhtar Mirza

When I first saw this book, it was shelved under "Influential Books" in my town's local library. Curious after reading the name "Saeed Mirza", for I knew him to be the man who made "Albert Pinto ko Gussa Kyun aata hai" or "Why does Albert Pinto get angry?", I got it issued and finished reading it in a day over moist eyes, chuckles and occasional bouts of laughter.

This book is a wonderful insight into Mirza's childhood and his mother's influence on him. Many times while reading through his narration of events that shook the peace and tranquility of common people throughout the world, I realized the sensitive mind of the child Ammi raised in Multicultural Mumbai(Then: Bombay).

Its a struggle in today's times to inculcate values that promote multicultural ethos and secular upbringing in children which Ammi so wonderfully gifted it in her children. The incident where Ammi gets distressed with the Hindu neighbors returning her Kheema d…