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Quote for the week

I have decided to start posting a Quote at the beginning of every week. So, here's the first one for this week!

When making your choice in life,do not neglect to live. Samuel Johnson


A tribute to 'Vinda', who wrote-
देणार्याने देत जावे;
घेणार्याने घेत जावे.
हिरव्यापिवळ्या माळावरूनहिरवीपिवळी शाल घ्यावी,
सह्याद्रीच्या कड्याकडूनछातीसाठी ढाल घ्यावी.
वेड्यापिशा ढगाकडूनवेडेपिसे आकार घ्यावे;
रक्तामधल्या प्रश्नांसाठीप्रुथ्वीकडून होकार घ्यावे.
उसळलेल्या दर्याकडूनपिसाळलेली आयाळ घ्यावी;
भरलेल्याश्या भीमेकडूनतुकोबाची माळ
घ्यावीदेनारयाने देत जावे;
घेणार्याने घेत जावे;
घेता घेता एक दिवसदेणार्याचे हात घ्यावे !
-विंदा करंदीकर

Women's Day!

Today is 8th march, 2010..... another 'Women's Day' in another year! So what did women all over the world do today? Some might have pampered themselves(as one of my friends put it), some might have attended celebrations honoring women(only on this day), some like my mother spent it like any other day at home, and some like me who also did nothing inspirational/or creative or for the matter of fact, anything that boosted my ego!
Why such indifference? Are we less human than men? Today when the Academy awards honored a Woman with the Best Director award (something which they consciously never did in all these years of Oscars!), or when all the major stores, exhibitions or fairs hold a 50% discount on everything or dedicate themselves to pamper women ONLY because, today is our day!!
What about the indifferent attitude the society bestows upon women with HIV-Aids, or the women in Middle-east, who face opposition from every possible human when they march down the streets t…

Sunday musings

Working five days a week and relaxing on saturday and hanging out with friends on sunday might be the ideal way to spend one's time. With me, I always work round-the-clock on weekdays mostly because I design rapidly, continuously and keep on altering even till my professor says he likes it! And, then the saturdays are spent on working on the details.
These days, since a year-and- half I have been only and religiously working towards my undergrad thesis on aviation museum. The sundays somehow focus me back on some totally different issue regarding the design....its the form(most of the times)...will people walk about 100m while moving around the space? Will they climb 40 steps to enter the museum? What happens with the differently-abled? Are there too many Ramps in the museum? Strangely, and surprisingly one of my architect friends suggested that I should not bother with providing barrier-free access and should not spend too much time on thinking about the differently-abled. What …