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Girl and Butterfly

We stare at the young girl chasing a yellow butterfly
On the summer roads that lead from Nothing to Nowhere.

And the Grey Man that waits on the road from Nothing to Nowhere
Does not care how the breezes and butterflies move their four wings-

But the young girl chases the yellow butterfly
Happiness.... what is the dust that lies on its wings?

Oh, How I love Edith Sitwell. She believed that Poetry is the deification of reality, and one of its purposes is to show that the dimensions of man are, as Sir Arthur Eddington said, 'half way between those of an atom and a star.'
Perhaps, all that is happening now has happened in another world ages ago. Bit of a dreamy writing this is but something that we all long for, don't we? I like the very Indian essence that arises with colours and liveliness that springs into action when happiness comes knocking on our doors. It is a dreamy after-thought that 'love being the essence of life' still gets recognition among philosophical debat…

Amartya Vemula.

Life offers a beautiful and sometimes miserable concoction of moments and events that there is a terrible beauty about it. The world has become small and yet so unrecognisable that people are fighting to live just one more day. Those that embrace death do so because their efforts have gone futile in understanding the workings of this universe. No one is able to hear them any more. Do we honour them just one last wee bit and forget the brutalities inflicted upon them or do we emerge stronger and voice our dissent collectively evermore now?
Nations are going to war. The blacks and dalits are back to where they began their journey less than 70 years ago under two great visionaries, Martin Luther King, Jr and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The refugee crisis has heightened turmoil among classes. The rich versus poor dichotomy is emboldened like never before. Where do revolutionary ideas stand within this chaos that has infiltrated systems of justice and righteousness? Do we merely express our d…

Sometimes it happens

It is completely amusing that I read this following poem in another blogger's Poem-a-day subscribed blog posts. While it does speak of love's longing and yearning, it also essentially sums up that everything we have lost was because its time had come. The purpose in our life was fulfilled and that's why we lost days, love, friendships, dreams, things/people who were closer to us- this is the classic clichéd way of explaining certain events in life. I certainly don't subscribe to them. Yes, we lost things and people. But that's about it. It should not make me cold-hearted to feel that what was gone shall be lost forever. That is why we have memories.
This poem however is different. It should be seen as something that laments the going away of events and people, but it also renews hope in a way as you read it. After all, WE live on hope and faith that will surpass all sorrows and pain to lead us towards new beginnings of growth and creation. This is a philosophical…

New year, New(MORE) books!

One thing that will always remain a constant in my life is BOOKS. One of the greatest joys in life is reading. It is singularly the biggest event in my life- the moment I learnt to read my letters and finished my first book. Today I take a vow, at the beginning of the year to donate books and help create libraries for underprivileged children. The thought crossed my mind a few months ago when during a casual outing with friends some street kids after noticing a pile of books in my hand wanted them. This encounter took me by surprise, and I kept thinking about creating a book bank specifically for kids who lack access to reading. Now that I have a substantial collection i.e. children's literature, I am reaching out to book lovers who might want to help with sustaining this idea and making this small effort reach kids who will benefit from this gesture.
Write to me on sharayugangurde@gmail,com, if you wish to share ideas and means to distribute books to children. I hope this will m…