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I joined Instagram one fine day in June after deactivating all other social networking platforms. I used to be cynical about Instagram, labelling it as narcissistic people's socialising but after becoming yet another member, I realised there are two sides to everything. Instagram quickly became my favourite virtual hangout for looking at photographic skills of people from around the globe. There's so much quirkiness and lively spirit there. There are some crazy bibliophiles who update such beautifully composed images of their book reads and I am absolutely transfixed by their creative efforts and genius in doing so consistently. One thing that I have learned after being on Instagram is that it runs on dedication of its members. If people weren't so keen on uploading and updating their travel, food, book images, it wouldn't interest cynics like me to actually get up and check what all the hype is all about.
I now understand what it is like breaking my own prejudices ag…

An un-manageable world

Yes, amidst every single manageable piece of news published in our world is the left out unmanageable piece that did not become the ink in print. Why do we project our unhappiness unto others? There are some questions that make their way into my head quite often. One of the many such is finding ways to rediscovering my potential and being content to the point of happy. I know there are a thousand theories about how being content is the real happiness and that happiness is only real when shared, which I also hugely believe in but at times my cynical side refuses to focus upon.
So how did we really learn to manage things? Is this one of those vague terms that haunts people after a certain age? Most importantly, has age got anything to do with the frequent occurrence of such questions? I hope not. Just last week, while being on a site visit, I was supposed to climb a very steep stairway that led to the occupied terrace portion of a skyscraper. My initial first few seconds reaction was t…


Sometimes I feel like a lamb. Mostly, I try to be a lioness! This is so strange that we keep up pretences to convince ourselves and maybe, others too, that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT! But is it? What is it that makes us become these different individuals than who we really are? Because we are all searching ourselves in this big crowd of a world.
A lot has happened in the past few weeks. I think I have just fallen in love with who I am as a person. Do I sound narcissistic? I mean, there are times when we don't like ourselves. I was probably dwelling on the same feelings. I no longer do. The events that changed this thinking are fairly normal, everything that happens with a regular person. I met new people because of work, got out of my shell, realised the love that lies outside in the world and here I am, all new and fresh as a dew! It's wonderful, like an elixir that's working on me right now. Good people always bring the best in us! I also saw a movie I had been told about lo…

Friday night musings

On my way back home tonight, a little too early than my usual time I came across beautiful bright lights put up in small alleys to celebrate the festive spirit that dominates this season. Looking up from my reverie, I saw a soft glow of red and yellow twinkle lights overhead. It was so magical. That moment transported me in some dreamland of happiness as I walked with a big happy smile plastered on my face. I met an acquaintance on the road and couldn't shut up admiring the brightly lit skies. Can you believe, it just took some lights to spread cheer within me! I also felt a little foolish after a while as I kept my thoughts engaged in this material happiness, but I couldn't care less about it. That moment mattered a lot. It felt like my childhood came alive. But in my childhood I never remember seeing such an extravagant display of lights and flashy street decorations. Things were a lot simpler then. 
I think as times have changed, things have left their indelible expression…

मध्य लटपटीत

आपण किती भूमिकांमधून वावरतो. आपल्या स्वतःच्या दृष्टिकोनांमधून कितीतरी वेगळ्या जाणिवा देखील आपण अनुभवतो. मग गरज पडल्यावर सगळ्यांनाच एका चपखल नजरेतून का बघतो? फार पूर्वी घडलेल्या एखाद्या घटनेची चाचपणी वर्तमानकाळात करताना किती संदर्भ बदलेले असतात. आणि आपण त्यात पुरते गोंधळून जातो. उगाच किती तडजोड करावी एखाद्याने? मन हे दरवेळी झालेल्या घटनांचं स्पष्टीकरण देण्यात किती मग्न होऊन जातं. नवीन लोक, त्यांचे नवीन विचार, त्यांच्याशी जुळवून घेण्यात एखाद्याला येणाऱ्या अडचणी- अगणित गोष्टी. प्रत्येकाची सुरुवात एका बिंदूपासून. शून्यातून. क्वचित आपण अशा निरनिराळ्या स्वभाववैशिष्ठांच्या प्रेमातही पडतो. असूया निर्माण होते. सतत आभासी संवाद कानात पिंगा घालायला लागतात. मध्य असा आनंद मग आपल्याला निर्माण करावा लागतो, सगळ्यांच्या सुखासाठी.
खरंच सुख म्हणजे नक्की काय असतं? दडपशाहीच्या वातावरणात जगताना सुद्धा लोक आनंद साजरा करतात, दुःखात आसवं गाळतात. मग आपण असा समज का निर्माण करून घ्यावा कि भौतिक सुखाची व्याख्या हि सगळ्यांसाठी सारखीच आहे? गतवैभवाच्या अनंत स्मृतींमध्ये आपण अडकून पडलेलो आहोत आणि विशेष म्हणजे येणारा …