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While Mies said it with 'Less is More', Slavoj Zizek speaks about 'More for Less.' His fundamental idea is that, if we abstain from adding any superficial ornaments, don't fill in all the gaps for the completed form of our products, this very loss will generate an additional meaning and create a depth in understanding the gap between the inside and the outside space of a building, that layer of reality which makes the whole notion of volumetrical territory as something that belongs to a certain human status or class in our highly layered society.
Aren't all of us trying to understand these internal immensities that give a way to us being visible to the outside world? How more could we establish this connect?
This is an old thought. What matters more is our reluctance to address and ponder upon them. In a world full of conflcits, divisions and establishing rights, we are filling our lives with disputes that really mean little.
I think the message in this picture i…
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The Magic and Struggle of being Human

Why do Yesterdays seem better than Todays?  Just when I was pondering over this thought, I came across a British Adventurer, Tom Morgan going on a trip Around the World flying with helium balloons

He seemed inspired by the 2009 movie, Up where a seventy eight year old man goes on an adventure in his flying house carried by balloons. It was such a visually beautiful imagery to see those colorful balloons tied up to the house through its chimney stack lifting the house and then soaring high in the skies. 

These two images conjured up beautiful emotions within my heart. Human lives are full of adventure and the endless posibilities of finding magic in the most bizarre situations. The various factors that bring in all this happiness and love for new is possible only when people take an initiative on their own. The treasures of this life are left hidden for us to discover and find ourselves in the process. The surge of great joy that passes through my heart when I see such likelihood tu…


I frequently lose myself over book reviews and introductions to old classics. These past few months, I have been holding cherished conversations with an avid reader who's a passionate linguist as well. When reading becomes a source of much greater joy than other things deemed important in this material world, we know we have struck treasure. Three different articles today gave me immense joy. They reminded me the reasons why I read and choose to spend on building a book collection over everything else. First, about a Dutch town of Bredevoort, where books present better photo-op moments than windmills and is a book town to 20 permanent bookshops in a population of 1500. The town's only English bookshop is run by an Englishman named Leonard Webb settled for the past 30 years in Netherlands. He runs a handsome one person, exclusively English, independent enterprise. Their oldest book is a religious text published in Latin in 1773. I recall texting a friend in the morning about no…

Tete-a-Tete with life

I severely despise drama, melodrama, malaise of all kinds. And yet here I am spending an October Saturday in misery over the way people can't deal with their problems. Anger and Anxiety are going to be the death of this world. Just last night the news reported a survey of 31% officegoers suffering from office related stress in my city. I actually feel that number is at least 91%! If only all of us learnt to live (and, lie alternately) in harmony and in unison, there would be no stress and participation in such grizly surveys. But, this is life and we are the saddest lot in it. Unfortunately, I am not in my very best spirits to write here, but in the hopes that writing shall cure me of my endless suffering, here I unleash my fury at the world (and, myself!). 
Just today morning, I told a friend that "all conditioned things are impermanent," and while it is true generally, today it doesn't feel so. Somehow, hatred and anger and vile things have become a permanence in …

Joys of being

Hurray! Your postcard has arrived!! This message in my inbox makes me smile invariably. :) Received an email last night and I went back four years ago into that cold october night when I first ventured into this amazing world of Postcrossing- sending postcards across the world. I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon the website but it quickly became a source of great joy to me. It brought me stories from many countries on postcards that took my breath away. Some of them were sending their first postcards to India and it was so wonderful to read their stories. Amidst a not so very good time in my life, I kept receiving postcards that lifted my sullen spirits, gave me amazing insights into human psychology of being from different cultures and geographies and yet being the same people, everywhere. I realised that Russians, Dutch, Germans are avid postcrossers. I tried to keep up with the hectic schedule of my life and sending postcards while lamenting the lack of finding cards, t…

Tick Tock

There's a LIVE timebomb ticking within all of us. Isn't it slightly infuriating to be at the helm of such anxiety and nervousness? A number of things that could make us miserable, change our cheery demeanour to a sullen state of chaos, unable to comprehend the workings of this complicated system. We are all beings in a fixed mechanism of state and individual power. We are controlled by forces we live with daily. They include our people from our families, workspace, acquainting lifesphere. The set of rules bogs me down each time I look at a detached view of this being. Since I am alive in this great era of science, modernity and opportunities, why does it still seem inadequate?
Like every other parent-children disagreements, I am seething with one too over the most mundane and silliest of topics. Such is life. I think it was Anais Nin who wrote that "I am a series of moods and sensations. I play a thousand roles...My real self is unknown." How I so appropriately feel…

Justice, at last!

Nothing is less likely to inform the ignorance of their basking than telling them it is abysmal. - George Bernard Shaw
A few days ago, I read something about Cultural Appropriation and I honestly can't to my utter embarrasment remember anything more about the article. Today, on 28th August 2017, Judiciary in India delivered a powerful prison sentence to a fake godman who dominated the news for his notoriety for years. 20 years in prison for two sexual assault cases pending since the last fifteen years. It is indeed a big victory apart from the cynicism of few who moan the delay in justice but they forget that in India, justice delayed is often justice denied! I read the original letter written by one of the sexual abuse victims to the then PM, Vajpayee. That letter is chilling in details, giving a detailed account of Ram Rahim's many crimes that includes raping 35-40 sadhvis (nuns), murdering people and abusing women in his so called dera- place of worship. Unfortunately for In…