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Proud of you Sneha!

Today's blog is about my friend Sneha! Im very proud of her! She works at Intel and just purchased a brand NEW CAR with her hard earned dollars! This is the proudest moment for all of us who know Sneha! Here is a picture of this pretty lass with her equally pretty ride!

Cheers for Sneha! May all your dreams come true and you get the best of everything and anything you desire of and aspire for! :)

A Blog Book List

Designers and Books are on Twitter. They publish books that inspire World's Esteemed Designers. So, I found them quite accidently while I was tweeting. There is a very interesting Blog published by Barry Bergdoll. Its his list on Architectural History books- Books every Architect should read.
And, his essay preceding the list is also quite mesmerising and honest in its opinion. Its a candid little memoir of his fraternity with books. Delightful indeed.

Here is the link:

How I wish Books were as easily accessible to one as air is!

(Just saw Bergdoll's Bio. He's the chief curator at MoMa. His bibliography is impressive too. His list is a definite read.)

Happy Reading!

In search of Kitab(khana?)

For days and weeks I have been trying to locate this place! But, Alas! Going by the praises heaped, I am looking forward to explore this bookstore (shall I call it one?) considering it has Coffee and eatables to hold people's attention while browsing books. How Silly! Then it becomes not a bookstore but a hangout place which I rather would not want it to be! I have always imagined bookstores to be sacred places where one is lost in the wonderful world of books and where no distractions dare disturb anyone.
There are quite a few places such as these! There is a wonderful book house called The People's Book House at Fort. Its located in an alley behind American Dryfruits in Meher House bldg. Its a cozy little place all cramped with books. When you first enter that will be your reaction seeing books all around you. Its a perfect getaway from the outside world. They offer discounts as well which is ideal for me! You'll find every genre from classics to history…