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More Gulmohar spotting!

Looks like this summer, i am destined to be encountered with the loveliest of Gulmohar blossoms across the city!

I was walking through the by-lanes of Mazagaon, two weeks ago, and in this quaint place, saw the most beautiful spread of trees along the roadsides.

Another beautiful place for exotic trees is the Joseph Baptista Garden in Mazagaon. The garden is located uphill and offers a breathtaking view of the Mazagaon Dock. I was lured by the striking red i saw on my way up. I just noticed two birds perched high on the branches. I had no clue of their existence when the image was clicked.

This is my most favourite of the sights of the tree that i've seen so far. The Chinese Fan Palm is dwarfed in the foreground and the Gulmohar provides a nice feather-y bubble to it. Think I should visit the garden again just for this view.

Gulmohar fetish!

I have been crazy about Gulmohar since i was a kid. My Dad and me would undertake trips on the scooter outside Nashik and i remember we would stop and park the scooter at one of those trees along the roadside.
I loved the Fiery Red and the cluster of flowers back then, and more so today!
So, i maintain my fascination for the tree and still look eagerly to spot this tree wherever i go! Here, I am posting a few pictures of the trees and their if we can say 'varied hues' too.

This bloom is seen near where i stay at present, at Badlapur. Its such a beautiful sight to spot the red once you look at the clear blue sky above!

There are only a few of these seen in Badlapur.

And we can also see the pink 'paper flowers' as i call them. I do not know their name.

I am unsure if this is a Gulmohar tree because when i clicked the picture it was noon and blinding sun and i saw this tree from quite a distance. I promptly took out my cellphone and clicked as i was walking away. I just …