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Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length' ~ Robert Frost Felt that happiness when things start falling into place? I never understood how things were in place the first time or how is it that they were being in the right place! Who decided which place was better? It is more out of cynicism that all of us decide to ignore the many signs that stress ourselves, filled with tiny anonymous stress pangs. Everything we work for ends up being categorised as having done for self, or others. The best part of this feeling is that it makes us feel in control of situations and events that otherwise as some would say are pre-defined. Enough of my cryptic talk here. Let me get to the happier part.
I have had the most amazing, work-filled long week and I'm not complaining about it because I can't. It gives me immense happiness to be working for something I truly believe in. My design philosophy and inclinations have always been very clear and focused about inclusive design…


It's AUGUST! I have been reading a lot of books lately. Read them even during my exams which is not a good thing to do i.e. deviating from coursework and spending time with literary characters. Now that exams are done, I look forward eagerly to more Kindle reads, library reads and my To-Read pile from April. I never thought how much I would enjoy reading on the kindle. Although, I still hold my paperbacks and Hardcovers dearly. 
I recently gave away a large chunk of my Childhood favorites to an orphanage housing girls aged between 8-12 years. I was very clear about including books that would be academically useful to them so Atlases, Thesaurus and Dictionaries, Spelling & Grammar books from Webster's made the list. I was happy to part with the books although initially when I thought of the idea, I thought I wouldn't be able to. So I took a day off to bask in my memories with those books and then decided it was for the best. Someone else will be able to hold them dear …