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New beginnings and their quick endings!

The most important form of courage is moral courage.  I moved to a different city last sunday. It was a very hurried decision, taken only the previous day. The arrival was safe, the settling in was comfortable, seemed like a smooth transition from a metropolis to a small city. Only the reason I was there just couldn't satisfy my entire move. The amenities were sub-standard- no access to the Library, none to the computer/ internet. And the teaching was good, not great. Anyway to cut a really long and sad story short, I made a firm decision, and packed my bags and self-respect and came back. I was not disrespecting the opportunity I was given, merely asserting my right to a fair chance to use it. Thus ended my small sojourn.

And, I feel so ME now. Being back is great. I feel the positive spirit back within and around me. I learned a very optimistic thing today. Somebody said, "Stop dwelling in old things." It got me thinking as to what a large part of our lives do we spend…