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She gives me courage and is my Hero!

If there are people 'still' out there reading this, who dismiss articles of great strength like this, as just another assault story: Change your views: Get out of your sick mindsets: Most of all: GROW UP!!

We, as Women, Girls- the feminine gender do not need your rotten idea(l)s(???) and talks of hopes for future and technology, and being tech savvy, and those who consider hanging-with-friends at malls UberCool- fake support and TV Naarebaazi!

Sohaila Abdulali- You are amazing! Kudos to your bravery and may you inspire more women and young girls, oppressed or not, to come out forward and speak for themselves! Above all, may your courage inspire everyone to Fight against any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world!!

Here's Sohaila's Website for more courage and inspiration: