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Funniest movie architecture quotes i've ever read!

Read them here:

This reminds me that I am increasingly reading stuff on the internet that puts architecture in a negative light! I love to laugh a lot, but this does not mean you keep on writing/reading/ publishing negative aspects about any art or profession! What happens is gradually one gets a whiff of everything grey and black and be disappointed, hold grudges or in a greater number be just disassociated with the art that they so loved and cared about!

I am still in love with architecture and everything that comes with it! Although, I reply to all those 'Why not to be an architect' messages from my Final year Thesis-ridden juniors and generally reminiscence on how We (Read: I) struggled a lot too during those Five long years.... every time someone asks me how did you study for five years or express amusement on five years of school and graduation, I so lovingly remember all the beautiful as well as ha…


In the end, we all become stories.
-Margaret Atwood.

Every one of us, infamous, famous or ordinary, live on the tales told about us. My children didn't know their great grandmother, but she is alive to them because of the memories I share with them. Whatever we might accomplish in our lives eventually decays and the only way we live on is through stories.

Read this on and its so true, isn't it? I always have these moments of reclusiveness about if the future generation let alone my own friends or family will remember me once I am old or gone? Afterall, you get inscribed in history but for me as being that someone- how important would it be?
Anyway, this site is pretty interesting and I am already loving my stay on it. Always dreamt of finding book lovers as obsessed as myself and share literary anecdotes, book lists and stories, poems and my readings! Glad that I would meet them here!

A happy sunday reading to everyone~