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... Precious Findings!

This is Casa Mila, designed by Antoni Gaudi! One of my most favourite buildings!

Since, my Dad took my laptop today to his workplace I decided to use the Desktop! So amazed was I by the apparent finds on my drive, I thought I might as well share it here! I found some beautiful pictures downloaded from the internet. They are from a few months ago and not even segregated in folders which I normally do!                                                            

I don't even remember why I downloaded these two! Probably for the beautiful arches and facade details.

And this is titled Fantasy Architecture! WOW!! I've always loved Gaudi's work! His Casa Mila has inspired me in so many of my designs! Come to think of it, I really think now I have some aversion to straight lines! Minimalism and Efficient is how I think in terms of design!

This is a Tile detail from Park Guell, again designed by Gaudi's sheer genius!!

Sagrada Familia- his most enchanting work till date! The f…