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A little love

My constant unhappiness over the past few days, has thankfully come to an end. And, how? Two phone calls from two very dear people. One of them, Sneha, my far-away continent friend; and the other, a not-so-far-away yet distant friend.

It never ceases to amuse me that when someone is unhappy, how little of an effort it takes for someone else to bring back the cheer in their lives. Think of a phone call from their loved ones, letters(now, emails) though infrequent, a surprise visit, an old tune, that long-lost book you've been meaning to read but didn't, suddenly it springs in front of your eyes! Such small things that bring indescribable joys!

One of my architect friends, who teaches in a school and has lots of free time after 2 pm, often would tell me that she has nothing to do post school. Nowadays, she's happy working on a project that's located in an extreme end of the city, and she has to commute for nearly 3 hrs to reach there. But, she's not complaining. I t…

Fractions of humanity

I am a little dejected, since quite a few months now. That's why the blog writing, I guess.
And the reason being- I am utterly clueless as to what Am I doing with my life? After finishing my formal education, at least for time being, I think a Bachelors is all I could really live on for sometime. I am not motivated for a master's study- too expensive, and seems pointless, as I think more about the future- trying to envisage it- of course, its everything that scares me, to take a higher leap in the unknown.

After working for some years now, I am unsure if this is the path I want to continue for the rest of my life! I cannot talk endlessly about building materials to someone, nor do I like arguing about why glass is not my preferred choice of material to other architects. For a while, I've enjoyed some group sessions on Urban renewal and infrastructure happening in mumbai, pedestrian-friendly ventures, but is that all there is to life?
All these panel discussions leave me o…

Calming Buddha

I fail to understand why people get angry so often and so quickly? And, why do they scream at the top of their lungs? Do they not realize, they are storing all that hatred in themselves and by screaming at others, it not only affects the other person but themselves most?

It disturbs me to a great deal if my inner peace is busted, say early morning, while I am boarding a train and some woman randomly insults me and pulls off a meany comment and keeps on going...or, my younger sibling starts throwing a tantrum if she cannot find her study books (which she was studying from the previous night), or her stack of project papers or even her clothes! Most disgusting is when she starts arguing in loud tones with her mother.

At times like these, if I am present in the room where such loud aggression is seen, I try to be calm; or leave the room; or mostly just try to ignore the ongoing hullabaloo. I remember once visiting a family member and as soon as I entered their house, the teen daughter w…

....Taare Zameen Par!

Sea Poison Tree- Always wondered why they are known by this name! These are such pretty flowers with their pinkish-white fibers. When I first saw them strewn on the ground, I was captured by their beauty and thought they resemble stars fallen on earth.

These were clicked in October 2007, at Bombay Port Trust Garden, also knownas BPT Garden, Colaba. The official name of this Botanical Garden is Sagar Upvan.

I first went there following a Landscaping Studio in School. Landed at the garden at sharp 8am, since its open from 5am- 9pm. Its one of the richest and lushest gardens in Mumbai along the Arabian sea.
For me, the only other Botanical garden that made my jaw drop is Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore. Its one of the biggest gardens in the city. Cubbon Park is another favorite of mine. Its called 'lung' area of the city and rightly so, for its located right within the heart of the city.
My short stay in Bangalore in 2008 was made beautiful and memorable because of these t…